Construction glossary term

Daily Log

A daily log, also known as a daily report, or progress report, is a written record of the progress and activities of residential construction on any particular day. It provides an accurate and detailed account of the work carried out, the materials used, the issues encountered and any unexpected delays or other problems that arise.

The log serves as a reference for all stakeholders in the project, from the builder to the homeowner, to track progress, ensure that standard safety protocols are being followed, plan future tasks, evaluate past performance and predict possible outcomes. The daily log may also include photographs and other evidence of activities that can be reviewed at a later date if necessary. Typically it is compiled at the conclusion of each work day, but can also be done in real-time as activity progresses throughout the day. It commonly contains additional information such as arrival and departure times, personnel present, materials used or taken away, weather conditions experienced on site, and/or details about any accidents or injuries or unusual occurrences during construction.

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