Free Gantt Chart Template

Create a construction schedule using Excel or Google Sheets in just minutes.

As part of our mission at BuildBook to help the construction industry build better, we created this pre-built Gantt Chart template as a simple and quick tool for you to create and share a construction or remodeling project schedule using Excel or Google Sheets. Download for free and create a construction schedule in just minutes.

Download Template NowA free gantt chart template for excel or google sheets

Create and Share Your Construction Schedule in just minutes

This construction scheduling template has been designed by BuildBook as a quick and easy-to-use way to create and share Gantt chart schedules for your construction or remodeling projects in minutes! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Personalize

customize your free gantt chart template

Customize the schedule to make it your own for each project and client you use it for.

2. Schedule

schedule each task on your free gantt chart template for excel

List your tasks along with their start and end dates and the template will do the rest.

3. Share

download the free gantt chart template as a pdf or excel file

Download your completed schedule in your preferred format to easily share.

Download Template Now