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Construction management software without the bloat

Social-media style messaging. Simple photo and doc sharing. Schedule and task tracking for everything that matters. All in a delightfully simple tool made for home builders, remodelers, and their clients.

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Builders and Remodelers Love BuildBook®

“BuildBook is helping us communicate better with our clients during the job and proving to be a valuable sales tool to win more business.”

John Utter
Strongtower Woodworks

“BuildBook helped us get control of all the madness. Our team is finally able to easily stay in sync. I’m wasting way less time on jobsites.”

Scott Stephens
Endless kitchen and Bath

“Many of our historical renovations include a variety of stakeholders. BuildBook allows us to keep them all informed every step of the way.”

Noah Woodruff
Heritage housewrights

“BuildBook is a game changer! Clients love the daily updates and with all communication and selections in the app, there is never any gray area.”

Ryan Mcelroy
Fidelis remodeling

“Finally, a tool that gives builders the power to communicate better within their teams, deliver an exceptional client experience, and win more business—all through a modern, elegant app.”

Shawn Van Dyke
Construction Business Coach & Author

Miscommunication wreaks havoc on your construction business. In fact, 72% of client disputes are directly attributed to poor communication.

Costly Mistakes

A sub gets the wrong instruction from
your client. Boom - now you’ve got wall tile in the powder room that wasn’t on the original estimate. Guess who’s paying for that?

Project Delays

You asked your client to approve the siding selection by Friday. They waited a week to respond and you missed your preferred installer. Now they are asking you why you haven’t started.

Client Disputes

The client wanted hardwood in the hall and carpet in the bedrooms. You installed carpet and now they want wood in the closets. They reminded you about that text they sent. Customers always right. Right?

72% of client disputes are directly attributed to poor communication

BuildBook helps you simplify & streamline every project

Manage client selections

Create, track, and store client selections so everyone’s always on the same page.

Win more business

Improve communication to increase client satisfaction — get more customer referrals.

Streamline getting paid

Set payment dates and let BuildBook send simple reminders so you get paid on time - every time.

Process change orders

Keep expectations aligned by capturing client change requests and their approval in BuildBook.

Track your punchlist

Move punch list items from "to-do" to "done” to keep your team on task and clients in the loop.

The right tool for the job

Modern experience.
Get started in minutes.

Builders and Remodelers often define themselves by the tools they use, which means that we have an important job. In an industry that runs on reputation, you don't want a bloated, all-in-one app representing you — you need a simple, clean, and powerful tool, built with the same level of craftsmanship and detail that you give your clients.

If you're looking for a tool that understands what's at stake, BuildBook is the right tool for the job.

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The award-winning tool that builders and contractors rely on to accelerate their business

How BuildBook helps you streamline and grow your business

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We know that going through the effort to use any new technology is something construction business owners don't take lightly - especially one as integral as client communication.

That is why we include a dedicated BuildBook advisor for every new team - starting on day 1 of your free trial. We are here to support you and provide advice on how to get the most out of your BuildBook investment.
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