Free Construction Punch List Template

Create a construction punch list in Excel or Google Sheets in just minutes.

This easy-to-use construction punch list template has been created by BuildBook as a simple way for contractors, home builders, and remodelers to quickly create a checklist, share it, track outstanding items, and close out construction projects.

Easily customize this template for each project with simple input sheets, a checklist sheet to add and manage your punch list and punch out items, and filtered summary sheets to show your punch list items by assignee, room, category, and status.

This template has everything you need and is provided free of charge, and can be used without restrictions in Excel or Google Sheets.

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A construction punch list template built for contractors, home builders, and remodelers

This construction punch list template has been created by BuildBook with everything you need to reduce the time it takes to create, manage and share punch lists for your construction projects ... and it's completely free!

Here's everything included with this template

  1. Step-by-step instructions that will guide you through creating your punch list
  2. Project information sheet to add your team, rooms and categories
  3. Over 50 pre-loaded punch list categories that apply to any residential construction project
  4. User-friendly drop-downs and formulas in place to save you time
  5. Auto-generated summary to filter your punch list items by team member, room, category and status

Create and share your construction punch list in just minutes

1. Add project info

over 50 free construction categories and rooms for punch list

Use the input screen to include your subs/team and modify or add rooms and categories based on your project

2. Create punch list

punch list categories and rooms by drop down selection

Build your master punch list on a single page using simple drop-downs to add the specifics of each list item

3. Share with team

free printable construction punch list

Print, download or share any of the auto-generated summary sheets to see your list be team, room, category or status

Download Template Now

What is a punch list?

A punch list (also referred to as a punch out list) is a checklist of outstanding issues or items that need to be finalized or fixed at a key milestone or the conclusion of a construction project.

The punch list is generally created by a general contractor or project manager and includes all of the necessary information to keep track of the progress of what needs to get done, when it’s getting done, and who is responsible for doing it.

The most common things included on the punch list include: cost category, item description, location, person responsible for completing, due date, and status.

Punch list example

Everyone has their own way of creating and tracking punch lists, some contractors will create them on their notepad while others will use spreadsheets or other electronic methods.

While spreadsheets and apps are the most common method, the structure and information you'll want to include on the punch list is the same.

Using our free punch list template (link to download is above) will give you an example to start from and it comes loaded with over 50 punch list categories that you don't have create from scratch.

construction punch list example

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