2019 International Builders Show Recap

2019 International Builders Show Recap

Carson Miller
March 2, 2019
November 4, 2021

Now that the dust has settled on #IBS2019 and we are all back to the grind, I wanted to share a few thoughts about our experience. First, the show is absolutely world class in every way. From the venue, to the organizers, to the speakers, and to the thousands of likeminded pros you get to meet and learn from. If you didn't attend this year, I highly recommend going in 2020

We also had such an incredible week officially launching BuildBook to this awesome global community. We got to know so many amazing people and we’re humbled by the feedback we received. Here are a few of:

“BuildBook is an amazing idea because this part of the experience falls down a lot. Clients want to be informed and it's hard to do when we're in the field...and having everything in one place is awesome." 
“The Facebook for construction. This simplifies my jobs down to one conversation with everyone that matters." 
“Communication is the number one thing to go wrong in construction. I'm really excited about how simple it is and how clean the app is. My main focus as a custom builder is maintaining communication (with my clients) and keeping a log of it without heavy software around it...this is incredible.” 

These are just a few reasons why we are doing what we are doing - to help builders and their teams run a better business and blow the socks off of their clients with an unforgettable customer experience.

Thanks again to all of our early adopters and everyone else who came by and offered support and feedback. We are on a mission to serve this community in the years to come and need YOUR feedback to keep us moving in the right direction. So, if you haven’t already, please give us a look and share your feedback. We are just getting started. 🙌🙌


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