How to Get More 5-Star Reviews For Your Construction Company

How to Get More 5-Star Reviews For Your Construction Company

BuildBook Team
April 9, 2021
September 23, 2022

Why are reviews so important for home builders and remodelers?

Because referrals are the number one way remodelers and builders get new business. And when a client hasn’t received a recommendation from someone they trust, they turn to Google for the answer. 

So what happens next? They read your reviews before they even look at your website. No reviews? Well, then your potential client will likely keep looking until they find a builder or remodeler that has the raving reviews they’re looking for.

Why do homeowners put so much weight on reviews?

It’s simple. Reviews are social proof that your past clients like you. According to 6 out of 10 consumers will look to Google for reviews before calling a business. So, these allusive reviews will give you instant credibility and provide your potential clients with confidence in your company. 

And let’s face it, you’ve probably left a review or two and it’s even more likely that you’ve read several before making a big purchase. So you know the power a few sentences can have on your buying decisions. It’s clear that what you have to say about your own company is nothing compared to what other people have to say. A good testimonial will outperform and outlast any type of advertising you do, so getting them is invaluable to your business.

Keep reading to learn how to capture more reviews and turn them into new clients.

Getting the reviews you want is easier than you think

As a builder or remodeler you take pride in delivering a great experience for your clients. But, how do you get them to share their positive experience with others? It’s one thing when they tell you how much they love their new kitchen, but asking them to put it in writing can sometimes feel awkward. To make it easier, here are three ways you can ask for a review:

  1. The Straightforward Ask

    The truth is, people love sharing their experiences and being straightforward is the best way to ask. But, timing is everything… 

    For example, when a client takes the time to give you that well-earned compliment – that's your opportunity. Simply acknowledge how nice it is to hear about their experience and mention how positive reviews help your business and potential clients too. Whether it’s in person or over a phone conversation, the one-on-one ask is still the best way to encourage happy client testimonials.
  1. A Personalized Email

    A personal email is another great way to follow up after a job is complete and has more of an impact than an automated canned email. These personal touches allow you the perfect opportunity to ask for your client to share their experience. 

    You can even include a link to the Google review platform so your client can breeze right through. And hey, if you’re trying to promote that your company can remodel a kitchen in 30 days or less, don’t be shy! Craft the wording to entice your client to comment on that specific topic. For example, you could say, “People would love to hear about your experience with our 30 days or less kitchen remodel guarantee.” Keep in mind, an honest review is just that, so don’t push it, suggest it.
  1. Utilize Social Media

    Of course, you can never go wrong encouraging reviews on social media. You can send your client a direct message on Instagram or Facebook, or tag them in a picture of their stunning new space. Social media reaches a wide range of followers — from your connections to those of your client.

    Whatever approach you use, never forget to make it easy and be clear when asking for a testimonial. Make sure to mention where you want them to post their testimonial, and if you don’t see a review after a few days, follow up. This is an opportunity to send an email and ask for feedback followed with a “don’t forget to write a review” nudge.

Keeping it simple will increase your reviews

There are multiple review sites like Yelp, Home Advisor, Houzz, Angi, Facebook, Nextdoor, and Google – just to name a few. Do the research for your area to see what’s most popular and choose two or three to focus on. You don’t need more than that, keep it simple for you and your clients.

Always include a link to your Google review platform and/or any other review sites you decide to use. And, make sure it’s easy for your clients to find the links, this increases your chances of getting that raving review. 

Some potential places to include your review links are:

  • the bottom of your invoice
  • on your website
  • in the signature line of every email

Be thorough, these little reminders can only help you in the long run. And if there’s one thing Google is good at, it's making sure their help pages cover it all. So if you're ever confused … Google it, LOL.

Another technology to consider are QR codes, which have been getting increasingly more popular. You can get your own unique QR code from companies like QR Code Tiger, download it, and print it on business cards or flyers. All it takes is a quick scan from a cell phone camera and it’ll automatically send your client to your review page, or a landing page with all the review sites, or any other URL you’d like. The options are limitless. 

How to use reviews to grow your construction company

As you probably know, SEO is everything for your website and local rankings. Among the many ways to improve your ranking in search results, reviews are one of the most powerful for getting your company to show up before your competition – especially for local results. 

Tip: Drive reviews to Google in addition to your other review platforms and Google's algorithm will reward you.

When someone uses a search-term followed by the city, Google sends them to a local page listing. It will show your average star rating and sorts your company according to Google’s ranking methods. There are a few simple tips to getting those rankings up. Of course, as many five-star reviews as possible, but also taking the time to engage with your reviewers. According to Google’s help page on how to improve your LOCAL Google rankings:  

When you reply to reviews, it shows that you value your customers and their feedback. High-quality, positive reviews from your customers can improve your business visibility…

Another way to make the most out of your reviews is by taking those testimonials a step further by feeding them into your website through “widgets” that you can embed on your website. It might sound complicated, but it's usually pretty simple. And, once in place, you'll never need to manually add your positive reviews to your website again. 

The more places you can share your client reviews the more your potential clients will feel at ease and be ready to hire you. 

Start with a single review

The most important part of getting reviews is to let potential clients know that your past clients were happy with you. 

The Google rankings are great, but that comes with time. Start with one great testimonial and the others will follow. A strong and honest five-star review comes from mastering the art of asking. 

So start practicing and remember … happy customers want to share their experiences. All that you need to do is:

  • Just ask
  • Explain that reviews are important
  • Personalize your request, whether over email, on the phone, or in-person
  • Make it easy for them by providing a link to where to they can leave a review
  • Follow-up if no review was made, then wait a few days and follow up again
  • And ALWAYS engage with every reviewer

Here’s to getting more 5-star reviews!


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