How to Create a Construction Schedule Template in Google Sheets
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How to Create a Construction Schedule Template in Google Sheets
BuildBook Team
December 18, 2020

Step-by-step instructions on how to start a construction schedule with a free template in Google Sheets

Good news! If you don’t have access to Excel to create your construction schedule template, Google Sheets has got you covered. 

Much like Excel, Google Sheets has pre-built templates to get you started. They are general, but like Excel you can customize them to fit your needs. And, Google Sheets is completely free and it’s just as powerful as Excel. Plus, it comes with many construction-focused templates, like a basic Gantt chart. 

If you want a more robust Gantt chart that was built just for construction and designed in Google Sheets, you can download it for free right here.  

What makes Google Sheets even better than Excel is that you can easily share and collaborate with other teammates or sub-contractors in real-time from anywhere without each person having to access a common network.

To get started creating your construction schedule in Google Sheets, just follow the step-by-step instructions and images below:

Getting your construction schedule started in Google Sheets

  1. Click here to open Google Docs. You’ll need to log in or create a free Google account to get started.
  2. Open Google Sheets by clicking the 3 lines at the top left and selecting “Sheets.”

Create Google Sheets Construction Schedule

  1. You should see the template gallery at the top, but if you don’t, click on the main menu at the top right, then “settings,” then check mark “Templates - Display recent templates on home screens.”

Google Sheets Construction Schedule Settings

Google Sheets Construction Schedule Templates

  1. Click “template gallery” to expand the gallery and see all your options.

Google Sheets Construction Schedule Search
Lots of construction schedule templates available in Google Sheets
  1. Scroll down to the bottom to the “Project Management” section and you will see construction related templates such as Gantt Chart, Project Timeline, and Project Tracking. 

Google Sheets Construction Schedule Project Management
Free Gantt chart, Project Timeline, and Project Tracking Templates available in Google Sheets

  1. Choose whichever type of construction schedule template you’d prefer to begin with.

Google Sheets Construction Gantt Chart Template
Free Basic Gantt chart template in Google Sheets

  1. Now you’ll just fill in your project data and tasks and make any design changes that you need to make.

  2. Once your schedule is complete, you can generate a PDF document (File -> Download -> PDF Document) to share with your team and clients.

  3. As a final step, be sure to make a copy of this construction schedule (File -> Make A Copy) to create a master construction schedule template for your company. Name it and organize it accordingly within your Google Drive storage structure.

If you don’t like any of the templates that Google Sheets has to offer, download our free construction Gantt chart. It’s easy-to-use and created by builders just like you.

Prefer to use Excel? Then check out our article on how to build a construction schedule template in Excel.

P.S. We've also created the #1 construction estimate template for Google Sheets that is 100% free to download and use as your own. Check out the video below to learn more and then download it for free.


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